Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Auto Insurance quotes for those who Want to save Money

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Buying insurance as a woman

No matter how much men may try to put you down, the accident statistics collected from every US state tell the same story. Men cause significantly more accidents than women and, because they are usually driving too fast, they cause far more damage to the vehicles involved and any property hit.

Finding affordable coverage for your teenagers

As children grow up, parents have several different nightmares. These all stem from the same basic fear. No matter how hard you try, you cannot be everywhere, all the time, to protect your children from themselves. At some point, they have to be independent and stand on their own two feet. Unfortunately, it’s not the standing children dream about. They all want the freedom that comes when they get behind the wheel of a car and can go places.

Auto insurance

Auto insurance Go back to 2006, and the US was a different place. Everyone was riding the property boom, their shareholdings were building up their retirement plans, and credit was there for the asking.

Settlement Quotes Is Now Able To Buy North Carolina Structured Settlements

For the past three years North Carolina Structured Settlement Recipients have been unable to sell the rights to their structured settlement payments because of a change in the North Carolina Structured Settlement Protection Act. Throughout these years many annuitants came to us with tragic circumstances where we normally would be able to help them create liquidity by cashing out their structured settlement, but because of this new law we were unable to help them.
Below is the section of the North Carolina Structured Settlement Protection Act which has not allowed most North Carolina structured settlement recipients to sell their payments since enacted:

Clearscape Funding Soliciting Structured Settlement Recipients

It has come to this author’s attention that Clearscape Funding, a Symetra subsidiary is badgering structured settlement recipients to sell the rights to their future payments. It appears that this company is increasing it’s efforts to buy back it’s own paper at rates much higher than the industry average.
In the past week, Settlement Quotes LLC has competed on three separate cases where Clearscape Funding has offered the annuitant discount rates between 10-14% as opposed to Settlement Quotes offering rates between 7.7- 10%.

For those individuals unfamiliar with discount rates, a discount rate is a rate used to price future structured settlement payments. The lower the rate, the more money the annuitant receives in their lump sum payment. The company purchasing your structured settlement payment rights should always provide this number so you know if you are receiving a fair deal. Depending upon the payment structure of your annuity, you should receive a rate between 8- 15%. There are circumstances which can cause the discount rate to be higher but still providing the annuitant with a good deal.  Discount rates are calculated from the amount and time of each payment. Payments that are further out in time or have a larger present value will always have a lower discount rate, the opposite applies for payments which are closer in time or have a smaller present value, the discount rate will appear higher for these payments.

Sell your Structured Settlement or Annuity Payments Today

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Get Cash For Your Structured Settlement Payments

Settlement Quotes provides quotes for structured settlements.
How do you know your payments are a structured settlement that can be offered for purchase by Settlement Quote’s Certified Funders?
Do you or your beneficiaries receive future payments
  • From an Insurance Company
  • As a result of a lawsuit, personal injury or other similar claim
  • Tax free
  • Either in the event of your death (guaranteed) or only while you are alive (life contingent)
  • Not a result of a workers compensation claim

Sell Structured Insurance Settlements

Structured insurance settlements are payments made to an injured claimant by an insurance company where the claimant bought the insurance policy. These payments are considered structured, because they are made over a period of time instead of a lump sum amount. The claimant does not receive the entire settlement amount as one payment. Instead, periodic payment is received.

The amount that the claimant receives from the structured insurance settlements is used to cover expenses, such as the present medical expenses or other future expenses. So, if you are injured in an accident, and you have an insurance policy, this is one benefit that you can get, especially if you suffer from injuries that inhibit you to work for the time being.

Structured settlement

A structured settlement is a financial or insurance arrangement, including periodic payments, that a claimant accepts to resolve a personal injury tort claim or to compromise a statutory periodic payment obligation.